Sudden Stare

From my childhood I had a thing for cameras. I don’t know why but I used to have eager eyes when I had a camera in front of me. This is the result of that obsession:


I tried to edit the photo to give eyes a popping element of the photo. I also brightened the face so that eyes get a simple stage to sit on. I also applied the theory vignetting to draw attention to the center of the photo.

The original capture wasn’t that “glamorous”. Here, have a look:


I love the Artpx facebook page. I was so excited about this photo that I posted about it on their website And guess what, my photo got published in their website!

Wohoo! I am on Artpx!

I am proud to have captured such a photo. I am grateful to the cat for the pose. Maybe I should feed her sometimes with some good meal!

As a note to the other eager ones out there, I shot this photo with a Canon 700D + 18-55mm lense.

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