Vibrant Flower

The truth is, when I shot this flower I didn’t even know the name of the flower. My mom enlightened me later — its called “Kathbeli” Flower.

Vibrant Yellow Kathbeli Flower in Bangladesh

When I first looked at it, I just couldn’t ignore the yellowish vibrant color in the white petals. So then I captured it in my frame while I was at my house rooftop.

I had no idea that this capture has amazing symmetry. When I was browsing through my memory card, its symmetry caught my eye.

(The flower’s center got right at the center, and the petals are spreading from that point with its own form of freedom–the freedom that we love about nature.)


It caught my eye so well that I ended up posting it on And guess what? It got published! I had another photo on Artpx, so this is my second photo that got published.


There are other shots that I took. Here, take a look:

This photo will encourage me more in my passion for photography.

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