Sipping Butterfly

I was always eager to work with Macro shots. If you are not a camera junkie like me, then let me explain, Macro shots are where a small object appears bigger than we see it in real life.

Take my shot as an example,


It is my pleasure to have captured a butterfly sipping honey from such a beautiful flower. The butterfly also got lucky that I had my camera with me!

The flower is locally called “Tara Flower”. It is not more than 4 centimeter in diameter. And you can guess the size of the butterfly. But in this photo it appears big. This is the beauty of Macro photography. It lets you see the magnificent details that would be otherwise missed.

I had no lens with less f-stops. That’s why I had to crank up the ISO. If you zoom in, you can see noise, which is quite invisible in normal magnification.


But as a first time Macro photo, I am lucky that I got much praise from this photo. Thank you all.

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