An Open Licenced E-book Written for Beginner Cross Platform Programmers

I always love the way Lazarus makes cross platform software development easy. In fact I love it so much that I started LazPlanet a few years ago to write different interesting tutorials on Lazarus. It now has a growing community and I get response from readers all the time.

Although Lazarus is an awesome software, it has a lack of documentation, especially for beginners. I have written this E-book so that beginners get a short, easy and consise introduction to Lazarus. I have also open sourced all the book material and assets so that anyone can improve it, build upon it, distribute it on their schools or do whatever they want with it.

I have prepared this book entirely with Free/Libre Software. For example, the graphics are done in Inkscape and Krita, the book copy is prepared in LibreOffice Writer etc.

Source Code: